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Gold Rate Today

Gold is among the most traded commodities in the world. India is no exception and Gold, along with gold, forms about 10% of all commodities imports to the country. Gold rates in India are directly affected by the global demand and supply scenario of the commodity. Since the 80’s, the demand for Gold has outpaced its supply, with industrial demand accounting for more than half the total consumption. More than 80% of total Gold production in the world is as by product of other commodities. Exclusive Gold mining accounts for only 20% of the global production.

Gold Price In Indian Cities

City Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams

Trend of Gold Rate India for January 2019 (rates per kg)

Parameters Gold price (per kg)
January 1 Rate Rs.41,500 per kg
January 13 Rate Rs.42,700 per kg
Highest Rate in January Rs.42,800 per kg on 10 January
Lowest Rate in January Rs.41,500 per gram on 1 January
Overall Performance Incline

January 2018 - Week 1 (1 - 6):

  • As market uncertainty affected global stock indices, there was a steady rise in demand for Gold.
  • The industrial metal opened trading at Rs.41,500 per kg and rose steadily on consistent local industrial demand.
  • Coin makers also increased orders, as a weak dollar reduced import costs and helped drive up Gold prices in India to Rs.41,800 per kg on 3 January.
  • Prices climbed to Rs.42,200 per kg on 4 January and remained constant till the week ended, recording a rise of Rs.700 during the week.

January 2018 - Week 2 (7 - 13):

  • A weak dollar and rising industrial demand boosted Gold prices in India, with the industrial metal opening the week at Rs.42,200 per kg on 7 January.
  • Prices stayed steady for a few days on static demand before the falling dollar saw a surge in demand from local coin makers, which boosted prices to Rs.42,800 per kg on 10 January.
  • In spite of a drop in overseas industrial demand, strong local order volumes capped losses as the metal closed the week at Rs.42,700 per kg on 13 January.