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R D Interest


RD Interest Rate

The loan costs on RDs rely upon which classification you fall under and your decision between various banks. Senior natives procure a higher rate of intrigue when contrasted with standard nationals. There are plans offered to minors, understudies and guardians to put something aside for the kids. These plans may convey higher rates of intrigue. There are additionally exceptional plans conceived to enable individuals to achieve their objectives. Your financing costs likewise rely upon the sort of record you hold. A customary bank account will by and large acquire a higher rate of enthusiasm than a NRE/NRO account. The present loan fees accessible from various banks run somewhere in the range of 4.5% and 7.90% per annum.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rates Comparison - 25 Jan 2019

Bank Name RD Interest Rates Senior Citizen RD Rates

Types of Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Highest RD Interest Rates

Regular Savings Scheme - Banks offer recurring deposits to Indian citizens above the age of 18 years. Customers can choose to deposit a fixed sum of money for a period of time, usually between 6 months to 10 years. Interest can be computed on simple or compound basis. At the end of the tenure, the lump sum amount can be withdrawn. Some schemes allow you to reinvest the money. You can open a recurring deposit for as little as Rs. 10 per month. The interest rates on the regular recurring deposits range between 7% to 8% per annum.

Junior RD Schemes - Banks also offer recurring deposit schemes for kids. Parents or guardians can open these deposits for their children to start saving for their future, education and other needs. Students can also avail of these deposit schemes. Learning to handle finances and the importance of saving at a young age will help inculcate a smart sense of money. The interest earned on these deposits will either be equivalent to the regular RD schemes or be higher to encourage saving amongst the youngsters.

Senior Citizens RD Schemes - Banks offer higher rates of interest for senior citizens. Usually, 0.50% per annum is given over and above the prevailing interest rate. The interest rates range between 7.5% to 9.25% per annum. There are also schemes available that are designed to help senior citizens during their retirement and old age.

NRE/NRO RD schemes - NRE and NRO recurring deposit accounts may be offered a lower interest rate. Furthermore, senior citizens who hold NRE/NRO accounts will not be offered the additional interest rate. These accounts attract around 7.50% interest per annum.

Special RD Schemes - Banks offer different schemes designed to suit the needs and capabilities of a variety of people. These schemes generally carry a higher rate of interest as your goal is more specific. ICICI Bank offers the iWish deposit which allows you to contribute various amounts of money to your RD account. Furthermore, other people can also contribute to help you reach your goals. There are RD schemes with free life insurance available. With certain schemes, you are allowed to withdraw the money in part without breaking the full deposit. Other schemes reward you with a bigger lump sum amount which makes it a worthwhile investment.