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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Simply put, a travel insurance plan offers coverage against all possible travel and medical emergencies while travelling within India or abroad. A travel insurance plan can be procured from any general insurance company in India and can be customised according to the destination and the type of trip to be undertaken. Travel insurance plans also carry varying cover for medical expenses, as per the country to where the travel is being done..

Why do you need travel insurance?

When you globetrot, there might be instances where you would find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and will have to tackle immediate emergencies. The primary reasons as to why a travel insurance plan should be procured is to get assistance during situations like personal accidents, illnesses, hijacking, theft, personal liability expenses or any other travel-based issues, while visiting a new destination. Carrying a comprehensive travel insurance policy ensures that you don’t spend time worrying about handling emergencies and also assures you of making a safe trip abroad. Read more about why you need travel insurance

Given below are some of the key benefits of travel insurance plans -
  • Travel Insurance policies offer compensation for flight delays, trip delays, etc., when individuals make long trips abroad.
  • Expenses with regards to trip termination is also compensated through travel insurance plans.
  • Medical treatments, hospitalization and hotel accommodation for medical emergencies are also included under a travel plan.
  • Customers can get customized plans according to the destination they are travelling to. The premium amount varies as per the destination.
  • Travel insurance policyholders can also get cover for personal liabilities, accidental death, travel delays, legal expenses, dental treatments, repatriation and emergency reunion.
  • Insurers across the country offer 24/7 customer service support to policyholders providing them with assistance for loss of documents, accidents, etc.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans:

There are a plethora of options available to Indian travellers from various general insurance companies. These travel plans are offered according to the type of customer, destination travelled to and also the type of trip undertaken. Given below are the different types of travel insurance plans available in India.

International Travel Insurance plans:

General insurance companies across India offer customised international travel insurance plans according to the destination travelled to. Each type of destination has a specific requirement with regards to insurance and companies ensure that every detail is covered in a comprehensive overseas travel plan. Most international travel plans offer standard features like cashless hospitalisation, no medical test requirement until the age of 80, easy online applications and hassle-free paperwork. In addition, some travel plans might offer other benefits like free international SIM cards, 24/7 customer support and cover for total loss of checked-in baggage. Read more about International Travel Insurance

Plans Offered:

Overseas travel plans are categorised according to the geography of trip, i.e., unique plans for Asian countries, Schengen countries, Middle East, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc. Read more about Overseas Travel Insurance

Senior citizens can travel stress-free with a Senior Citizen Policy to any destination across the world with benefits like cashless hospitalisation, cover for delayed or missed flights, cashless medical facilities and medical concierge services. Read more about Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

A single round trip plan can also be procured by individuals to get travel insurance for one trip to a single destination with a fixed duration of travel. The duration of the insured single trip will vary depending on the insurance company chosen by the customer. Read more about Single Trip Insurance

Annual multi-trip plans offer travel insurance protection covering several international trips for a period of one year. When a customer opts for a multi-trip policy, a certain number of trips for a specified duration of travel is insured by the policy with benefits like cashless hospitalisation, quality health care services and quick settlement of claims. These plans are ideal for frequent international travellers. Most annual multi-trip plans offer insurance cover for travel extending for a period of 30, 45 or 60 days. Read more about Multi-trip Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance Plan

A comprehensive Student Travel Insurance plan offers financial and medical assistance to students traveling abroad to complete their higher education. Students might face emergencies or other financial hurdles while staying in a new country and a robust travel insurance plan helps them to continue with their education without any worries. These plans can be taken by student who are already pursuing their education abroad or are planning to go abroad. The insurance cover offered extends for the entire duration of the course. Read more about Student Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance Plans

A Corporate travel insurance plan can be procured by corporate employers who intend to provide insurance protection to their employees while they are abroad. Corporate plans can be customised according to the requirements of the organisation. All plans offer adequate medical and travel-related cover for policyholders and are available as multi-trip and single round trip policies. Read more about Corporate Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Plans

Any individual traveling within India can also get a domestic travel insurance plan with covers for medical expenses, loss or theft of baggage, emergency medical evacuation, cancellation and delay of trips, 24/7 customer support, personal accident cover and emergency cash assistance. Read more about Domestic Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance

Group travel plans can be availed if there are atleast 20 or more individuals travelling together to a single destination as a group. Most group insurance plans offer cover for trip cancellations and curtailments, delay and interruption of trips, loss of baggage and documents, etc. Since the travel is being done as a group, every member should be completely aware of the benefits offered under the policy that has been availed. Read more about Group Travel Insurance

Family Travel Insurance

Family travel plans can be taken for a single family inclusive of the policyholder and his/her spouse and two children. Most family travel insurance plans offer floater benefits to individual family members under one policy. Medical expenses for hospitalisation, personal accident, hospital allowance, trip delays, loss of baggage, documents, home burglary insurance, etc. Read more about Family Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizens can globetrot without any hassles with a comprehensive travel insurance plan offering benefits like cashless medical services, medical concierge services, quality health care facilities, international SIM cards, cover for pre-existing conditions, accidental bodily injury, loss of documents, trip delays/cancellation, third party damage, distress allowance, etc.

Customised travel insurance plans

Some general insurance providers offer customised plans for special regions across the world.

Schengen travel insurance

Individuals travelling to the Schengen area for a maximum period of 90 days have to compulsorily avail a Schengen travel insurance policy or a health insurance plan along with the Schengen Visa. Schengen travel insurance policies generally include benefits like emergency medical expenses, repatriation, 24/7 assistance, accidental bodily injury, death or permanent disability, third party liability, extended protection for the family, etc. The countries included under Schengen travel are Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Iceland, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Asia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies specific to Asian countries offer travellers comprehensive protection while visiting most Asian and Southeast Asian countries, excepting a few. The exclusions will be specified in the policy issued by the insurer. Benefits included under such policies are emergency medical cover, accidental bodily injury, third party liability, emergency financial assistance, loss of passport, distress allowance, etc.

Extension of Travel Insurance plans

Travel insurance policy holders can extend their plans for a certain period of time if their stay in the foreign destination is prolonged. Different insurers offer specific extension periods depending on the travel destination and the type of traveller.

Eligibility Criteria - Travel Insurance plans

  • Family/International Travel Insurance - These plans offer cover for two adults aged up to 60 years along with two children aged up to 21 years. Floater benefits are also available with family travel insurance plans.
  • Student Travel Insurance - Most plans accept students aged between 16 and 35/40 years, who have enrolled at a foreign institution for higher education. Existing Indian students who are abroad also qualify for these policies.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance - Seniors who are aged up to 85 years are not required to undergo any medical tests while procuring a Senior Citizen travel insurance policy.
  • Schengen travel insurance - Adults aged up to 70 years and infants over 90 days are eligible to be covered. The purpose of travel should be business or tourism.

What is covered under Travel Insurance?

The coverage offered under travel insurance plans varies from policy to policy. The coverage and the sum assured also depend on the different covers opted and the type of individual availing the plan. Given below are the coverages and exclusions with regards to different travel insurance plans available in India.

International Travel Plans

What’s covered? What’s not covered? - Exclusions
Emergency Medical Expenses Pre-existing medical conditions
Emergency Medical Evacuation Expenses incurred due to civil war or terrorism.
Repatriation of remains Expenses incurred due to suicide, self-inflicted injury or non-adherence to a physician’s advice.
Emergency Dental Expenses Expenses incurred for liquor, alcohol or drugs.
Hospital Cash Allowance Treatment of diseases like AIDS, mental or health conditions.
Accidental Death / Permanent Total Disability Participation in adventure sports / Participation as professional players in various sports.
Loss of Baggage/Personal Documents If the policyholder is involved in any criminal act.
Loss / Delay of Checked Baggage Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatments
Personal Liability Cosmetic Surgery
Contingency Travel Benefits Spa treatments
Hijack Distress Allowance
Financial Emergency Assistance
Cover for Home Content
Political Risk and Catastrophe Evacuation
Trip Delays / Missed Flight Connection
Compassionate Visit
Return of Minor Child

Student Travel Plans

What’s covered? What’s not covered? - Exclusions
Accidental Death Pre-existing medical conditions
Permanent Disablement Expenses towards mental disorder, anxiety treatment, alcohol, AIDS, drug abuse and venereal diseases.
Emergency Medical Expenses Expenses incurred if travelling against a doctor’s advice.
Emergency Dental Treatment Theft/loss of passport, when left unattended
Loss of Passport Travel to high-risk zones
Loss/Delay of Checked Baggage Treatment for certain medical conditions as specified by the travel policy
Personal Liability Consequential loss
Bail Bond
Study Interruption
Sponsor Protection
Compassionate Family Visits
Psychological Coverage
Medical Screening / Examinations

Family Travel Insurance Plans / Corporate Travel Insurance Plans / Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans

What’s covered? What’s not covered? - Exclusions
Emergency medical expenses Pre-existing medical conditions / Routine check-ups
Medical Evacuation Expenses incurred due to civil war or terrorism.
Personal Accident Expenses incurred due to suicide, self-inflicted injury or non-adherence to a physician’s advice.
Hospital cash Expenses incurred for liquor, alcohol or drugs.
Loss/delay of checked-in baggage Treatment of diseases like AIDS, mental or health conditions.
Loss of baggage / personal documents / passport Participation in adventure sports / Participation as professional players in various sports.
Personal Liability If the policyholder is involved in any criminal act.
Emergency Cash Advance Pregnancy
Home Burglary Insurance Self-exposure to perils
Trip Curtailment/Delays Cost of devices aiding in medical treatments
Golfer Hole-in-one
Emergency dental expenses
AD&D Common Carrier